Echo Echo Contest 2020

News this time from the “First DX Group” from Central Europe. The Echo Echo Group has its contest starting tomorrow and we’ve the link and details! Make the bands rock and if conditions allow also a chance to give a shout down on 26 MHz for those still monitoring. Below we’ve all the details!


1. Organizer: Echo Echo First International DX Group.

2. Time of competition: 06:00 UTC 6 June (Saturday) 2020 – 20:00 UTC 7 June (Sunday) 2020. All times must be logged in UTC

3. Frequency: 11m band from 26.200MHz – 26.550MHz and 27.400MHz – 27.800MHz. Call in the competition: on 26.425MHz or 27.555MHz, then change the frequency for QSO.

4. Categories:

A. Members of the EE from 161 Div.

B. Members EE from outside 161 Div.

C. Other stations from other Groups.

5. Points: QSO with an EE member on 26MHz band – 15 points, QSO with an EE member on 27MHz band – 10 points, QSO with a non-EE member – 1 point. In this competition is allowed only 1 QSO with a another station.

6. Multiplier: 1 multiplier = 1 division

7. Final result: The total score is calculated as the result of multiplying the sum of all points for QSO by the sum of multipliers for divisions.

8. Electronic logs: in a text file (*txt) should be sent as an attachment to the e-mail to address not later than 14 June 2020. In the subject of the e-mail we give your call sign.

9. The results will be announced on the EE website. In addition, a free electronic certificate for all participants is provided for participation in the competition. Winners in a given category will receive a cup.

10. The 161EEHQ commission is responsible for the settlement 

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