*Video* Albrecht AE2990 AFS “DX”

Yesterday we had Guenter 35DR001/P in Austria climbing over 5000ft into the mountains and today we’ve got Jarek 26OS303 by the seaside making DX on his hand-held. He speaks literally everywhere you can follow his videos and this radio always making the trip! For me I’ve had I think 3 different incarnations and always let me down! Congratulations Jarek and I’m looking for you and get a video made over here.

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  1. Hello Mike. I am looking for one Albrecht AE2990 AFS EXPORT 25-30MHz. I live in Texas, USA. Do you know who can ship to the USA? Thanks! 2AT111


  2. they were a good radio however out of the factory they were terrible(dragon/magnum/albercht) ..every one we sold we had to realign and fix issues like buttons that did not work due to a layer of something onthepcb to no rf output or badly aligned rx stages.not the prefect radio but i still have mine worked many dx from back yard in nz (sea level in city) to aussie on ssb with the stock antenna..then again qrp has reformed my interest in dx 🙂


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