*Video* Stop Bashing CB / 11m

Video this time which has been made after Calum DX Commander made a video (not watched it) bashing how cr@p CB radio / 11m is. Of course he has his opinion and he’s also got a channel that makes money from content it’s his right! The worlds big enough for each hobby to live side by side. On CB you’ve often got music players, animal noises and loads of other stuff and on ham radio you’ve got operators who laugh in each sentence and praise themselves for putting a plug on a cable. The latter most often on repeaters. So both worlds have issues. Saying that I know many a ham that uses CB and are top guys plus CB users that are also great ham operators. When I studied for a license the tutor told “horses for courses” never said anything bad about either system. That’s how it should be.

I’ve friends who are hams, friends who are CB’ers. Neither try and push an agenda. They push the hobby and the fun of it! That’s the important part.

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