UFO Field Day DX

We’ve got some news of an event staring tomorrow and it’s on the EU band so between 26965-27405 and it’s for UFO fans! Below we’ve got all the rules and the points system for the event. Seems like a good idea and another excuse to hunt some stations so good luck to all taking part.

Bases Alert UFO 2020. (English)


This Event is dedicated to UFO fans and anyone who wants to spend a weekend in the field doing radio.


It starts on 07/10/2020 at 8:00 p.m. and ends on 07/12/2020 at 11:59 p.m.

Mode: AM, FM, USB, LSB.

Each Op. Will make the call with its callsign plus letters AO events, example, 53MW001 / AO 30MW032 / AO (UFO Alert)

Group special callsign, ahem: 30MW / G001 (minimum 1 MaikWhiskyDX member, maximum 4 operators)

There are 3 Diplomas:

1st) GOLD



diploma in PDF Requesting it to cesar.cq3@hotmail.com.

LOG granting prog.

QSL Manager, 30MW041 Cesar,


P.O BOX. 2001.

C.p 28630 madrid


1 extra point for being on / mobile from the field (it is essential to provide a photo with the log)

1 point per repeated activating station (May 1 day)

2 points per group activating station (if any)

3 points per contacted trigger station.

5 points for Country Code contacted. (only 1 time per division)

Hunters, must send their LOG before July 30, 2020 to:



1 Points per station contacted

* 2 points per group station contacted **

2 points for Prefix worked

3 points for contacted MW Stations

* Group station *

* 1 Points per contacted station *

* 2 points per group station * * contacted *

* 2 points for Prefix worked *

* 3 points for contacted MW Stations *

Activators, should send their log to:



80 points: Gold Diploma

40 points: Silver Diploma

20 points: Copper Diploma

The list will be published on Facebook MWdx.

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