*Photo* Colorado 800 WB

This is a photo of the antenna I’ve had a look at. Only mobile phone sadly! It could be by dimensions the soon to be released President Colorado 800 WB. COVID-19 stopped more news from dealer, not being able to enter premises etc. Noticeable the base is really heavy! Much heavier than expected with like a springy feel above the housing below. BUT remember in reality (released version) it maybe not the same or built different. Time will tell!

I have added the photos in large format so you can export them and have a look. Bottom is SO239 fitting.

August remember is holiday time in most areas so we will need to wait for things to try. Radios & antennas! Dealers are asked so we need to wait. But maybe it comes September after holidays.

Thanks to the dealer whose let me photo this recently. Kind of you to let me share it here. But as Markus says “And now we must wait”

Questions about performance, wind noise, bandwidth, signal reports will arrive after antenna arrives when it can be purchased. Please don’t email me more (over 100 now) or PM me on Facebook. I’m a punter like everyone and like everyone i need to wait till it’s released too before can comment a lot.

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