Serbia On A Extreme LiveWire 5/8

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure to speak with Nesha 45VR016 from Serbia. This was particularly a good contact as you all know I’m located in QRM hell and the antenna usually a Himalaya WB @3m to the base. This Sunday I was showing someone the Thunderbolt 5/8 and LiveWire 5/8 after the other.

After the video we’ve made the contact (Thanks Nesha for the video)

And the distance involved straight line:

160.5 Miles or 258.3 KM

Antenna was on a 12m mast strapped to fence in garden. Guess to the coil was around 5ft from the floor. Great work indeed. So keep those ears open as never know where you can be heard.

So great contact, QSL on the way!

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