*Pricing* President Colorado 800 WB

It’s been a matter of watch this space and now some more news about the Colorado 800 WB. First off a dealer has loaned me an antenna. It’s going to arrive at the beginning of next week and as I’m on holiday I’ll have a look and pop some news on here or maybe youtube depends on the internet connection. So the price, expect to pay in the region of €129 plus shipping for the antenna.

On a personal note I believe the antenna will work 25-30 MHz with easier operation rather than as a full amateur band antenna. Some people imagine it’s the new 160m antenna etc. I think maybe 12-10m yes and the others…..

• Type : 5/8 wave length 
• Impedance : 50 Ohm (Ω) 
• Frequency : 1-30 MHz (SWR 2:1) 
• Polarization : Vertical 
• SWR Preadjusted : 1.2/1 Gain : + 5 dBi 
• Max. power : 140  Watt P.E.P 
• Band width : 8000 kHz (800 cx) 
• Weight : 250 gram (0.55 lbs) 
• Length : 1300 mm (51.18 inches) 
• Whip : Fiber / graphite

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