*Update* Opek HCS-100 (26-31Mhz)

Here’s a small update on the recently shown here Opek antenna. After a chat over the weekend with Loic in Sweden I decided to ask about purchasing one from the UK as it was the only place I could see one. Bottom line is it’s 205cm tall the box and can’t be shipped outside of UK as bigger than 175cm. So that is for now where the story ends! I’ve also contacted the factory to see whose got them and no reply. So if you’ve tested one let me know so we can tell everyone.

If your in the UK and need one, click here: https://tinyurl.com/y2k4zq28

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  1. I’m getting so tired of all these “phantastic” antennas with enormous gain from whatever brand they are. See this OPEK as another example of faking gain figures. They claim 5.75dB but which dB? Basic: Don’t trust any antenna which is not clearly specified.
    dBd is the only right one but in the CB world manufacturers claim usually in dBi as that shows a 2.15 higher figure against dBd.


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