*€73.01* President Teddy II

Markus from NeunerFunk is back today with the Teddy II in stock. And remember Markus always prepares a German manual for the radios he sells and that’s why it’s important to add this radio on the blog. Under normal conditions no German manual is coming. Below we’ve got the link to the radio. Price excludes shipping within Germany.

Teddy II is 12v Not Dual voltage like Barry II

  • Band EU = 40 FM (4 Watt), 40 AM (4 Watt)
  • Band D = 80 FM (4 Watt), 40 AM (4 Watt)
  • Band EC = 40 FM (4 Watt) CEPT (kein AM)
  • Band U = 40 CEPT plus 40 UK-Kanäle (FM, 4 Watt)
  • Band PL = 40 FM (-5KHz, 4 Watt), 40 AM (-5KHz, 4 Watt)
  • Band IN = 27 FM (4 Watt), 27 AM (4 Watt)

Link: https://tinyurl.com/yxgudmuy

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