*Arriving 2021* President Adams FCC

Hot news overnight from CBRadio Netherlands in the form of first news of a 2021 released President Electronics USA radio. It’s going to be called the Adams FCC and be an AM only CB radio I and it appears in compact form because of the sticker location! More than this we need to wait and see! But it’s a new radio so something positive on the horizon. And before you ask me NO Estimate when it comes, only 2021 😧

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5 thoughts on “*Arriving 2021* President Adams FCC

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    • President is “ultra” secretive and always has and will be. We need wait! And trust me it’s the hardest thing imaginable. It’s like waiting everyday for Christmas 🎄


  2. Anymore details? The Twitter post didn’t have any supporting evidence. CB Radio NL is reliable but I don’t see it on their main website yet. Thanks!


    • Read the article. It comes 2021. I can say after asking around it exists, it will be AM and the rest is wait and see. President won’t release more details yet and won’t tell anyone anything else now. Because it is not available, no real photos exist. If you get them send them us as now like getting blood from a stone as not available.

      So, you can say

      It’s AM ~ 4 watts 40 channels
      Will have ASC as every radio does
      No extra stuff, legally approved radio
      No SSB

      Timeline 2021


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