R.I.P Double Zero

Thanks to Martin for letting the Jolly Roger DX Group family learn of the passing away of John JR00. I’ve been fortunate to meet with him many times during JR get togethers over BBQ in the 1980’s and remember his kick ass signal on 485 LSB talking across the pond! Indeed those were really the days! John was a DX man in every way. I remember him on 485 Lower Side Band chatting with the USA, Lanzarote and Canada to name a few. The thoughts of the blog to Jan, Jason & Cherie and grandchildren at this terrible time. It’s true to say that today a passing of one of the stalwarts of SSB has left us too soon.

1983 This Antenna was used, a 13 element Yagi and you guessed it! They owned the airwaves. (John isn’t in this photo) It’s just his “small beam”

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2 thoughts on “R.I.P Double Zero

  1. You might like to know that the person in the photo is myself Pete JR36 and to say that the 13 ele beam was only flown on 3 maybe 4 times by John who made it and myself because it was too much trouble to erect. I miss John a great deal as we used to talk virtually every day upto and including the day he passed away. That was one of my photos that we took that day and I have a couple more, one I think with John in it.


    • Thank you Pete. I only met John 10~20 times but his passion, whit, absolute love of radio was contagious. The photo was used just to illustrate the fact even when it was taken a massive antenna was taken out! And I’m sure the contacts must have been incredible.
      My thoughts are with you, Johns family and friends. He was really a radio legend! Can’t frame it more. It’s very sad times indeed.


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