Tunable ‘Big Dog’ Mobile Antenna

A lot of people writing about the earlier article about “The Chimp” Below we’ve got another antenna which is available in 2ft, 3ft, 4ft and 5ft. It looks like the Twin Log from Sirio although this one appears to be a tad more broad banded. Costings are not known at the moment but it’s something interesting on the CB scene. Antenna is available from the USA.

1000 Watt rated ● Heavy-duty 3/8” fiberglass whip ● .125 Diameter 17-7 stainless steel tuning tip ● Top Loaded 1⁄4 wave helically wound antenna ● 18 Gauge copper wire ● Chrome plated 3/8-24 ferrule ● Factory tuned and field adjustable ● Available in black (B), white and red

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  1. Looks good and very good lengths ,but the
    Bigger ones you need a very good magmount,
    My self if I got one it will trimag only and would like to
    See it to compare not, to a sirio 4000 or 5000 just
    To see if it’s better or not


    • Agree with you! I think it will be probably similar in performance to the Sirio Twin Log. That antenna worked well for me but I’d say the 5000 is better in my opinion but never tried a “Big Dog” antenna..
      Guess it needs a tri-mag otherwise can be flying around at speed


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