*For Sale* RCI 69 Base

I’ve received so many emails asking me about these radios and where to buy them. I was looking around online and found a place that seemed to have them that I’m listing below. But I don’t know the store, don’t know the person, in fact I don’t know anything more than he has or had these radios in stock when I found the advert.

Link: https://tinyurl.com/y4trvfdh

  • New Final Amplifier Design
  • • Uses Ranger RT1 MOSFET Transistors
  • • 100 Watts PEP Output Power
  • • Frequency range when converted covers all of 10-11-12 Meters.
  • • 12 Freq Bands when converted
  • • Variable RF Power Control
  • • 5 Digit Frequency Counter
  • • S/RF/SWR Front Panel Meter
  • • Variable Talk Back Control
  • • Built-In Echo with dual controls.
  • • Fine + Coarse Variable SSB Clarifier
  • • 4pin Mic Jack

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  1. Good Morning

    I bought a RCI 69 base from a Electronic’s dealer on 09/14/2020 (my birthday present to me on my birthday) I have been dealing with over 30 years. I won’t list his name at this time without his permission I had spoke for the RCI 69 base a month or so ago. He had a limited stock and they were promised to customers, and I was first on a waiting list since I was the first person to ask for one. It is great to deal with people who still take you at your word and also do what they say they are going to do that is hard to find today. My initial testing is all good so far with 100% positive reports using the microphones I personally restore, but you can buy a nice used hf rig for the price. The radio has plenty of audio no need for a amplified microphone my non-amplified custom mic seems to be than enough. I have noticed it has a very quiet internal fan which is a big plus your well made higher end rigs tend to have fan on them. This radio has 12 bands of channels and a lot features so I will add it to the collection with its big brother the stonewall Jackson it looks like its going to be a keeper.

    I hope to catch everyone on the air

    73’s all Jr


    • Hi Good Morning.

      That’s all brilliant news. Your the first to let us know how your getting on with the radio. And more importantly belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday and hope you’ve had a fine day.


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