*Video* Big v Small Antenna Test

Gary UKCBTV or 26CT(X)104 is back with another of his videos where he does a shoot out between antennas. The antennas under the gun this time will be the AM Pro antenna, a top loaded antenna and the mini springer. Interesting stuff and well worth watching the videos Gary’s made and hit the subscribe button too.

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  1. hello there simon how i would like to know how much it would cost me get one rci ranger 69 base station to the uk all in the dose the radio have to be tune in before it is smart radio


    • OK so took me long time as needed ask someone in USA if they could help me. His estimate is

      $500 Radio
      $300 Shipping
      Import Duties we don’t know

      £630 excluding Import costs

      Tune Up? Here it gets awkward as would be tuned for AM and SSB plus frequency conversion but FM they’d not touch. It’s possible it could sound not great on FM unless you asked a UK based engineer to have a look at it.

      All in all it’s cheaper to get either a Ham Radio or something similar as the costs are shocking


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