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The following is about something that could really change the game for us CB people. It’s coming and it will be coming soon. Around 21 months ago I was sent a file from a factory about a new system nicknamed NRC (Noise Reduction Circuit) which at that time (21 months ago already) killed off almost 80% of noise and its behavior was that almost of a DSP (Digital Signal Processor)

Now fast forward 21 months till today. The first radio with this new feature is on its way! The system as I understand can also be used on FM and SSB as well as AM and now it appears to kill over 95% of noise from incoming signals.

I’m informed the following and I will quote it “never heard before crystal clear quality”

We will be having a feature about this very soon. Now it’s just a time to let you know that the doomers, those who gave up on CB (we all know publications & many people) were indeed wrong.

And add to this also some very and I mean very interesting news about other soon to be released materials there has never been a better time across all the years to be in this hobby!

More to come…

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3 thoughts on “*New* N R C

  1. Sounds like the time has come to sell a few radios as to make room for a new radio or two with NRC inside can’t wait for this to hit the market hopefully it’s a well known company that sells in every country around the world
    Thanks for the info Simon


    • Hi Highlander6327. I’m testing a radio at the moment with it and it works well. Some oddities but early model and 0001 serial number. Initial thoughts it’s true and let’s voice through clear as day and noise maybe 90% less..

      More will be on the blog soon and when / if permission granted then some videos.

      If this worked 50% as well on a SSB radio could be quite quite interesting.

      Currently I’m testing it on AM FM

      Well Known Company Yes it is..


  2. Sounds like RF based DSP technology(Not at I.F or AF levels), kind stuff you find in high end Gov\MIL radio kit ,Im just surmising here, as seen Codan\Barret HF commercial radios and if same YES they do work very well if it similar based.
    But the real key issue Simon, is not enough is being done (pro-active) to reduce house hold\commercial RFI\EMI problems across the whole radio spectrum HF to UHF,its got really bad .Ive noticed going mobile now HF,CB,VHF lo,VHF mid,UHF! all seem to have this “noise issues “when driving past shops, streets, commercial buildings on industrial estates, the level of “rf electronic noise-floor pollution” has become a real problem and really does need to be tackled at a better level for ALL users of radio users, not just the minority sectors!!
    One of my reasons for pushing more use of CTCSS on CB bands, while it wont stop “noise bursts”, it will least stop annoying break-thru of white noise blasting in your ear hole from your carrier squelch radios when driving about in your car, not ideal solution but better than nothing.
    I suspect this new rf based dsp will do the same, it maybe incorporated into other bands if its successful Simon, look forward to seeing this new chip in operation, great news for cb\10m band users especially Am and SSB users.

    Rob P 73’s


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