President Grant III (It is Fake News)

This was from years ago and was sent by a reader of the blog to me. The last three days over 3,000 (mostly USA / France) views of it again! It’s nothing special or secret and it doesn’t exist everyone. It was a fun drawing which included a picture from Yaesu (filters) and it’s just not true. Add to that nobody would pay €1000 for a CB looking like this with touchscreen etc. I’ve seen it on Facebook, Google News, Twitter and everywhere. Last word = It’s not real!

Original Article 2015 :

The designer of the photo was Hulahooper from Germany. His work, his design..

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  1. Bonsoir Simon,
    C’est un montage photo d’un OM qui rêvait de cette radio, malheureusement je ne sais plus sur quel Blog j’ai vu cela, ce n’est pas une fausse nouvelle mais seulement un rêve d’OM.
    Hi, 73


    • It was on my blog, this radio appeared and was drawn by Sven in Germany i believe.
      But people wanted to buy it, and of course it’s not possible so it’s a dream, a fake, not real


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