Procomm Proton PT-99 £109.95

Booom! It was mentioned here some time ago and it’s arrived on the shores of Europe via Maas Elektronik in Germany. PJ Box is the first to advertise it in the United Kingdom and as it’s new we’ve added it here. All the information below and 1 antenna on the way here so let’s see how it covers 26~28 MHz when compared to a recently tried antenna.


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  1. Did Procomm purchase the rights to the A99? Both it and the Max-2000 have been very difficult to locate in the USA of recent months. I assumed manufacturing had slowed due to the virus.


    • Antron 99 and MAX2000 now manufactured in two facilities in China. That’s why sometimes middles are not exactly same color as other pieces of the antenna. Maybe that’s the reason? Import tax and getting them from China? Procomm is from Illinois as I understand.


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