Weekend Sirio Fest Was On??

What a weekend that was! Saturday wasn’t anything here at all with not much to report but that flew out of the window on Sunday morning (22nd November) with contacts with old and new friends alike. And in these times it is a super success when we can sit and have a chat across the kilometers. First off a nice contact was made with Iraq in the form of 151SD/0 swiftly followed by 64SD110 in Senegal. After that all hell was let loose on the EU band or mids as it was known “back in the day”

26DR017/P David Portable Ludlow

26DR070/M Darryl Mobile between Kidderminster & Birmingham

29DR039/P Mike County Wicklow Eire

And all the above were running Sirio 5000 antennas in one form or another

68WR048 Marty And old old friend from Armagh

68DT120 Willis Near Marty Northern Ireland

26TC231/P Steve Southern Gloucestershire

26DR2080 Andy Near Manchester T2LT in his loft !! Peak 5/5-5/7 Budapest

29CO931 Alan Limerick West Ireland. Another friend across the years

I’m not sure which variety of 5000’s were used but added a selection of them just in case. Conditions sure were good as at least two of the stations were the loudest I’ve ever heard them and Alan in Limerick the past 4 years only worked him from Czech Republic and not heard him from Budapest so all good….