*Antenna Tuesday* Colorado WB Specification

Antenna Tuesday this time! Konektor5000 in Poland, Masa in Japan and Pieter in the Netherlands have messaged me, whatsapp me and Facebook messaged me about what appears to be an “updated” specification on the Colorado 800 WB antenna. The bandwidth is now less than before which I personally think is much wiser as Masa wrote to me “works like dummy load” and “7 MHz it’s not good like mono-band dedicated antenna”

You’ve asked my personal opinion so you’ll get it!

Yes it did state wider band options on earlier paperwork. I tested mine on 28-27-26-25 MHz and it was “alright” won’t change the world but it’s small and does what you’d expect. It tuned up on other bands but wasn’t good there. Fact! I think revised frequency list is wise move.

It’s so small it can’t be as good as dedicated mono-band. Could they make this antenna with long whip or two piece whip like Texas 1800 Power? Would it make it better? Maybe President will have a go down the line? Would I like to see this antenna with steel whip? YES I think could be better idea than graphite. But maybe cannot be? Too many unanswered questions.

Pieter: I will take issue on one point. This antenna IS Made In Spain. I know myself two people there and they are absolutely sure made at the facility near Barcelona. So that part of your message isn’t ok. They are not Chinese or Indian made. Not true.


Ham Antenna ~ Works on 10m and 12m

CB Antenna ~ Works 11m

Works All Ham Bands ~ Impossible, too small, too low power rated, it can’t be all to all

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