President Randy III “Worth The Wait”

It’s 2021 and already we’ve a new radio on the radar. President Randy III is now on its way to the stores. I’ve seen one! Yes I have! And we’ve just a couple of photos at the moment but below are the first comments about the radio. But it was an early version and so I KNOW it’s had some changes since I’ve seen one. It was a loan piece from a dealer. But you can see some odds and ends.

Anyone with a real one please let me know how it works!


Heavy in weight. Well Made, big screen, large numbers and frequency read out and considering it’s a handheld the signal meter is large. They’ve really fitted a mobile radio into a handheld with functionality. Compander for receive makes it clearer, noise blanker, key beep (lucky can turn it off) selection of bleeps (some good, some not) 7 colour display and literally all you will find in a mobile President of a higher price point as full of features.

Comes With:

You’ll get the battery, charger for the wall, mobile charging module so makes it easy for installation (Like Randy II) belt clip, wrist strap and a small flexible antenna for portable use. Flexible like a Rubber Duck Antenna. ANL on AM, ASC, and VOX built in as it is now an EU law in some countries for not touching the microphone. Monitor button on the side to quick disable squelch and also a button to adjust ASC which you’ll see the level on bottom of screen when in use.

AM/FM Receive & Transmit

Like with all President audio some will like, some not. FM was strong, yes was a little darker in tone but make an adapter and run a different microphone. AM was loud, a little on the bright side but well understood, strong, sharp and defined. Receive on an external antenna (Himalaya WB, SR-10) was clear, defined and worked as well as any mobile radio. Receive was similar to M88 Midland, Stabo XM3004, Team VX2412 and Barry II. Side by side the sound quality was good. Would have needed more time, more contacts and less lockdown to make more of it. It’s also got TONE which you can adjust like a bass and treble on receive to make the sound suit your ears. BUT when used as a test piece with a mobile radio nobody guessed was a portable radio on a big antenna.

Initial Thoughts:

This is a trans portable radio and then some! It is absolutely loaded with stuff in a small and heavyweight shell. It comes with CTCSS and a host of other interesting features including a torch! . It’s going to sell a lot I guess. It was promised in the 40 years of President and I know many MANY awaited this and Harrison II it was the most talked about here on the blog. Received Audio was good. ASC was good and worked like any mobile President for sale now. Transmitted audio for me was good for some maybe it’s not as they’d expect. Maybe they’ll make available a desktop kit? This needs confirmation. The piece I saw came with it. But nothing mentioned on temporary box.

Above you see the radio has a full featured display and shows ALL you’d find on the mobile version of a President radio. It’s big enough to work, and small enough to be just right for a quasi hand held radio.


This was a loan piece and so not really complete. Imagine like a dummy phone to show a retailer it was a piece like this. With just some bands added to have a look around. Export mode wasn’t complete just like the radio in standard configuration. They’ll be a video released of this radio but more like a look and see as wasn’t completed work so can’t be compared to a real one.

Video via YouTube possibly over the weekend, time dependent.

More information comes in around a couple of weeks hopefully so please wait for the update.

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