Stabo XH9006e Soon To Disappear

Thank you Dieter P whose sent me a message via contact that another radio will soon to be leaving us with a memory. The XH9006e was indeed a good radio. I liked it with the car kit personally and of course covered all EU norms as well as possibility of 120 channels plus 0 and 5 ending in enhanced mode. Plus a little extra power too. Similar although not identical radios remain such as Jopix CB-413

Transceiver CB Portable
• 4 Watt AM/FM
• Multi (6) European Standards.
• Antenna Connection: TNC-Female.
• Audio Accessory Jack 2-Pin, 2.5mm/3.5mm, STANDARDWIRING.

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4 thoughts on “Stabo XH9006e Soon To Disappear

  1. they take away and they stop it, or have some thing to replace it, but the price can go up and then down to get the existing stock sold,


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