President Randy III Some Answers

Via YouTube and contact form and Facebook the amount of questions that have come in the past two weeks have been quite crazy. So today I’ll address only the ones that appear to be true, try and add what I think to others and to some of the far fetched ones I can’t answer as honestly I wouldn’t know where to start. For those you need ask the geniuses who designed it and not a humble user.

Randy III comes later with SSB?

No I don’t think so. But also it’s a guess

Randy III works 10m?

Don’t think it’s a full phat 10m radio. My guess it misses repeater area of 10m

Randy III Export Mode:

It’s there but you’ll need to wait. It is not in store yet and so you don’t need it yet either.

Randy III Has Shift?

True yes it does and is – 0 + and adjustment starts 900+ to reduce to space you need

Randy III Is Very Expensive?

Guesstimate is €150 ~ €200 depending if need add duty and taxes in some markets

Randy III Audio:

Pretty much sounded like a CB. Meaning other than outdoor wind noise no real way to note if it was portable or fixed car

Randy III Is Nanfone?


Randy III Desktop Charger:

I’ve seen one with the demo radio so I’ll say YES optional extra

Randy III Car Kit:

Yes comes with a car kit, photo is on the side of the box

Randy III Availability:

That’s the big question. Guess in February due to freight, Chinese holidays and COVID19 so much is slower, planes more full so just wait patiently it’s going to come and it’s worth the wait I’d say.

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