*Video* Strange Signals & Weird Noises

Below we’ve hyperlinked two videos with in my own opinion some awesome content. These videos will play and show you the wide array of weird and wonderful noises we come across on the radio spectrum. Myself I’ve identified three that make troubles for me during the sporadic-e season for example. Enjoy the videos:

1) POCSAG …Wide area paging.
2) MPT-1327 …Trunk radio communication networks. 
3) Commercial DMR …digital communications.
4) Car Key Transmitters
5) TETRA …TErrestrial TRunked RAdio
6) Temporary Traffic Lights
7) Autocab …Radio dispatch system
8) TPMS …Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems
9) Multitone Paging
10) dPMR …Digital Private Mobile Radio (446 MHz)

1) FLEX …Flexible Wide Area Paging Protocol
2) VOR …Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range (108-118 MHz)
3) DAB Radio …Digital Audio Broadcast
4) DSTAR …Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio
5) NXDN …Next Generation Digital Narrowband
6) Motorola Type II … Paging Control Channel
7) Wi-Fi …802.11N
8) System Fusion …Yaesu Amateur Radio Digital Mode
9) LTE …Long Term Evolution Network (4GLT / E-UTRA – Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access). Mobile phone data.
10) AFSK …Audio Frequency Shift Keying (Paging)

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