President Randy III “Arrives UK” £189

Seems that the Randy has landed on the shores of UK with a price of £189 being quoted from Knights. This price when converted is around the €220 mark which is in the area of some I’ve seen online. Radio is really in limited stock I’ve heard from a dealer who had 15 radios arrive in the morning and 0 left in the afternoon. If you need one have a look on the link below.


* I’ve been told by some the radio covers from 25-30 MHz when unlocked. It is my belief the radio will unlock for 240 channels so will not operate in the area of 10m where repeaters are in use* IF you know better than my guess then left me know via video the radio working the higher area please.

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  1. Sadly but surprisingly knights have sold there first batch of President Randy 3s…..Hoping to have more in stock at the end of this week


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