*Technical* McKinley EU Optimising Modulation

My big thanks to Peter for the video below. A German language video explaining a way around the low audio question that many are asking. Crazily recently I’ve received messages from Sweden, Finland, U.K. about low power and audio. So below modulation issue appears resolved. Enjoy the video.

Hello everybody,

I wanted to try to demystify the many mods of the modulation and bring you closer to what is actually going on. In the video I explain basically the low frequency processing including the control loop of President McKinley. I also go into why some people find the modulation to be quiet and not very voluminous. Finally, I will show you a possible change to solve the “problem”.

The aim of the video is not to show you how to modify the McKinley. It should show you how to do it, how you understand it and how you develop your own solutions. You can transfer the principle to many other sparks as well. If you want something like that, I strongly recommend going to one of the professionals. They know what they’re doing.

If you have ideas, noticed mistakes or have questions, write them in the comments. I’m glad.

I’m not a Funkendoc, I don’t make any money with it and I don’t do it professionally, so be lenient if something is not right.

Everything you tinker with, you do at your own risk!

Otherwise, have fun, I hope you learn something. 73

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