Thanks to Carmen in the USA and Thijs who’ve both sent information about this new radio at about the same time. Word was out and about this radio in November and seems it has taken a fair chunk of time for it to become reality. Since President has killed off Liberty microphone maybe also we something from them as this radio appears to be Uniden produced? Please tell me if this AM radio isn’t Uniden??

The headset has a multi function button so talk away on your CB and the phone rings then hit the button and answer your phone on the same headset. Innovation! Come on GPE Now’s the time to bring this sort of technology to Europe.

Video: https://tinyurl.com/3rkybssk

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  1. Cobra has offered a Bluetooth version of the model 29, though it doesn’t appear to have all of the functionality of this radio. Very nice, indeed, and looks to be the cousin of my Uniden 980, of course. AM only, some will complain, but the intended buyer is the professional driver and not the hobbyist. Nice mashup of two common technologies. I suspect we’d see more of this if the 11 meter market was more robust. Nice work, Road King.

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