*Video* Ranger RCI X9 Update

This time we head over to the “Fine Tune CB Shop” for quite a long video about the X9, IRF 520 and the Palomar Max Mod replacements. This radio has sparked a lot of interest on the blog with many asking about it. So why not show a good video about it. Makes my life easier.

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  1. Fine Tune CB isn’t honest.
    Simon, One thing you need to understand about Mark Sherman is that a guy did videos on the transistor he wants to use now like 3 years ago. They (Mark Sherman’s cronies) harassed him. They said it was a junk transistor. They did everything in their power to suppress it. Now they are tripping over themselves to use this “new” miracle transistor. The “max mod” was not a miracle but to them it was. They made lots of money and then Palomar decided no more maxmods. Now, they are tripping over themselves trying to scrub every ounce of their videos, comments, and posts they created calling this Toshiba transistor “junk”. Isn’t that just a little bit odd Simon?


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