Grazioli FE10v @Konektor5000 SOON

The day starts with some good news! The Grazioli FE10v antenna that has received many emails here will soon be available via Konektor5000 for shipping across the EU. Although this news is not from Konektor5000 I’m informed this is the case! As I’ve been asked via some Polish operators about this antenna we’ve added it here as a one article reaches all of them at once! And in the last days from Italy I’ve heard 3 stations running this antenna also.

I’m going to add the address of Konektor5000 for those who want to check it out (when) they arrive and the email address and also I’ll add the direct link to the Grazioli site also.


Main features:

  • 5/8 λ Antenna Adjustable from 26 to 30 MHz with whip length adjustment chart.
  • Extremely robust construction in aluminum alloy AW6063-T66.
  • Supplied with quality stainless steel 304 and 316 fasteners for long service without rust.
  • Low radiation angle, at least 4 ° -5 ° lower than the 5/8 of the competition.
  • High applicable input power, up to 5Kw continuous All-mode.
  • Complete with a detailed assembly manual and serial number that identifies the production lot and construction data.
Francesco (Mr FE10v) was part of the design team of the Gain Master antenna.

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