Skipperovka Users Prayer

As the Andreas made ‘Skipperovka’ appears to be getting more users. I believe at the moment it’s around 36-38 I received via WhatsApp the ‘prayer’ of the Skipperovka user. It’s translated I believe from Slovakian so if any typo then that’s just how it goes. It’s of course with a little tongue in cheek! So take it in the spirit it’s added here.

There are extended operating instructions for the Skipperovka antenna

From the actual events that happened, we will notify the owners of the Skipperovka antenna about special operating conditions:
It should be pointed out that the antenna is very demanding and sometimes develops its own dynamics when used incorrectly!
It needs to charge the coil at least once a month (unpack the antenna and erect it vertically) with fresh HF (max. 200 Watts). It is also necessary to connect to other Skippers once a month, the minimum distance between the recommended 150 and 200 km, for automatic setting and calibration of swr and sending a log of the last connections rewritten in the name Skipper Kittsee to the Logbook from Apache Znojmo.
If the user does not comply, the antenna will be lost
not only excellent performance but also changes the polarization of the radiation to horizontal.
If the user does not speak English at least as a second language, he can pack up and return home. Let’s lose the guarantee due to this indecent behavior!
It should also be noted that when the antenna is built close to a motorized vehicle, it begins to secretly communicate (the cause is still in research) with public security guards using the electronics already built everywhere. What can cause annoying visits from authorities to the current location!
Therefore, it is recommended to use the antenna only for tourist races, so on foot !!!
Let it fly, as the Czechs say 🙂

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