New Switchmode Available ‘update’

Klaus HF-Doktor is back with information of his new Switchmode modification. In easy terms it allows both multi-norm and rU settings in a great number of radios. I’ve used the older version and it’s a simple fit into the radio** and provides all the features whether it be standard or enhanced. First up check the details below.

** So, you loose the warranty of the radio which is good for the reseller and bad for you. You make a legal radio illegal (operates outside legal spectrum) so can caught out and most of all it could make the life shorter of the radio if you don’t know what your doing!

If I’ve caused confusion “Switchmode” isn’t illegal as Klaus states but using a radio outside of its legal frequency is.

To contact Klaus use the link at top right of his YouTube page

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  1. Hi Simon
    I think it was a misunderstanding
    and of course the operation outside the CB country standards after switching is illegal
    May be that there are different rules / laws in other countries

    In Germany, the manufacturer’s warranty is not lost…
    but only in the case, if the SwitchMode module is not installed itself
    73 Klaus


  2. Simon
    why did you wrote that a SwitchMode module would be “illegal”?
    In many radios the CB mode is technically not touched, therefore not illegal!
    It still complies with the EU ETSI specifications / comliance for CB devices.


    • Hi Klaus, Changing a radio from multi EU to rU would make the radio work on non standard frequencies making the radio illegal, not switch mode.


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