A Few Days With The AE6120 VOX

So we’ve been using the AE6120 VOX now a few days and made some contacts so can add a few comments here on the blog. It seems that FM the audio appears stronger than on AM according now to a couple of people. The receive is good at my location with only around S2 which is whole new experience for me. Build is ok, it will not last forever but it will survive a while I’d say. Now the crazy! When you use the volume it drops to Vol 01 and below you’d expect Vol00 and silence. BUT YOU are wrong and it goes to Vol27 and blows your head off with noise. Really! It’s 2021 surely you could make it behave more differently. There appears no NB or ANL but it has 6 roger bleeps. One of them number 6 is the default President bleep. If there was to be a Bill II then this style of display and features would be really a nice base. €75 for a small radio and it works no doubt about it. Have worked U.K. , Republica San Marino on AM straight 4w or just under and vertical antenna. Maybe it needs a little change here and there but it works and it work really well.

Saturday 19th provided some great sporadic-e conditions with contacts to Netherlands, Germany, U.K. on EU mode FM with outrageous signal reports but all commented the audio is excellent. Add to this 1 contact to Piacenza in Italy on AM 27.175 who reported the audio was sharp and good.

No point telling or trying email anyone about the volume issues etc as nobody would beinterested to hear stuff. OR they’ll say it’s how it was designed. But this is a radio other than two small things you are not a beta tester and that’s a new experience.

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  1. Im surmising here,not having had one of these on bench yet.
    Im wondering if they have finally added the audio clipper diodes to improve punch on nfm?
    Ive done this on a lot of these “agc based fm” like AE-6110 so maybe Simon somebody has listened and addressed nfm audio processing?
    It has also been a suggested modification a 50p mod
    without schematics its difficult to check if such an update has been added to this set?
    Unless somebody could point me in right direction,i can check.
    I just wish they had added ctcss\ctcss splits\rpt shift to this set for obvious reasons,missed opportunity for a compact radio.

    But sounds like they cracked it,hopefully this will be now done on other similar OEM branded cb radios,whatever they have done on FM mode.

    Glad having fun and good feedback

    Rob P


  2. I can concur that FM audio very loud .I herd you on Ch 31 EU / 27.315 on Saturday around 1715 from my mobile .You received signal was a good 3-7 with qsb with a loud and very clear audio ,I did call you with no joy from my car .the location was 20 miles south of GLASGOW de Scott 108cb17 aka Neptune


    • Thanks so much for writing Scott. For a small radio it is quite different to how I’d expected it. FM audio is much louder than anything before I think from same maker and noise level much lower at my home too.
      Hope your well and look forward to making a contact with you.
      Best Wishes 73


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