*News* We’ve Had Our Chips!

News that’s been circulating around the dealer network and now we’ve decided to add it here but many will know I guess. Chips! Whether used in cars, phones, televisions, ham and CB gear everything uses chips. News from Far East isn’t good. Containers taking longer, costs increasing and more importantly chip stocks not meeting demand.. So expect your stuff to get harder to find, go up in price or simply be discontinued like some Yaesu equipment as parts not available.

This test below is from a Radio Dealer in Germany.

The text is from a supplier

the delivery situation for imports from Asia has increased further in recent weeks.

For the manufacture of electronic devices, the required chips and components have become very scarce worldwide with the effect that there will be much longer delivery times and higher prices.

Additionally, the situation for sea freight imports has changed due to lack of container capacity. Sea freight shipments remain at the port of departure partly for 2-3 week until loading is possible. In the meantime, ocean freight costs have increased by more than 500% The changed delivery situation and the associated higher costs means that in the near future price increases for new imports will be inevitable and will continue to be expected longer delivery times.

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