Looking Again Proton PT-99

It’s taken a while but past days again I’ve been using the Procomm PT-99 from Maas Elektronik in Germany. Rings came placed dead centre so with just small twist downwards I’ve managed to set it for 26.200 – 27.900 with lowest SWR 1:1 and highest 1:6 which isn’t bad at all. First couple of times seems antenna loosened itself even though was super tight. Once solved all was well. Where is it made? An argument I’m not OK to join. Some state USA while others say China sourced and packed in the USA and sold.

PT-99 On The Fence

It’s sporadic-e season so luckily contacts have been made quite easily. Is the antenna the best out there? Can’t say and how does it compare? Signal wise it’s akin to my Himalaya WB BUT the bandwidth of my Himalaya will always be king. It’s a 4 section Antron99 in many ways so good to take around when needed on hills etc.

Where did you get?

Spain, Corsica, France, United Kingdom, Germany amongst others and also a lot of AM contacts also France and Germany.

Put it up and if want 26.6 (DE Band) upwards leave the rings, attach coax and away you go. It’s a nice working antenna. Price is reasonable €100 plus shipping and if you can hear it then you can work it.

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