Interesting Harrison II Stuff

Having had a look around seems some very interesting odds and ends popping up in the “coming soon” Harrison II and also some interesting questions that still will remain until the radio hits the market which we also don’t know now at the moment. Below we’ve the detailed list of what’s in the radio, no manual yet but also some interesting questions remain.

– 40 channels AM / FM
– 12 / 24 V
– Channel rotary switch
– Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
– Manual squelch and ASC
– Multi-functions LCD display
– S-meter
– Vox function (Hands free)
– ANL filter, NB and HI-CUT
– Compander
– Noise Gate
– Scan
– Preset emergency (EMG 1/2)
– F function key
– Beep Function
– Roger Beep
– Mode switch AM / FM
– Talkback
– Tone
– Public Address
– SWR Automatic
– Key locking
– Front microphone plug
– External loudspeaker jack
– USB 5V 2.1A

The Questions:

Some recent radios from the facility President use have come with 20% louder modulation on FM. I wonder if it’s the case for this one?

Tone Control like the idea, like a bass and treble we’ve seen on other radios. Like the idea.

No DyNA or Elec that’s a surprise as this radio seems high end price point so it appears not there.

And worst of all.. Maybe component led long wait ahead

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