Sunday! Got 36 EU SSB Give A Call

It’s Sunday and if your radio has got SSB on it then it’s time to select 27:365 USB from around 11:00 BST and you’ve a fair chance to make the Delta Romeo DX Group Net! And why should I? Friendly atmosphere, lots of stations from Finland, Germany, Poland, Wales, Scotland, U.K. , France and literally from all over the place! It’s on EU band, it’s legal SSB mostly and if that’s not enough then you can add you will never know who you will hear!!

From EU & Beyond

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    • Agree with you. Often it’s so busy on FM with various countries having a shout then other times quiet.

      Channel 32 27.325usb Hungarian channel
      Channel 34 27.345lsb Portuguese channel

      You can many good contacts and meet great stations on there absolutely agree it needs more use and on AM too 🧙‍♂️


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