Albrecht AE-6290 U.K. Band + EU

A few questions about the AE6290 arrived about the banding and whether the radio had AM/FM EU in the U.K. band. The manual shows that the radio only covers FM CEPT band and U.K. FM. Below find the video that shows a mistake occurred in the manual and of course the radio covers 26965-27405 AM/FM and the U.K. 40 2760125-2799125 and the video below confirms this.

Sorry for the delay in adding this to the blog. It’s summertime, hot in the shack and busy on other related stuff at the moment too. But got it on the blog in the end. U.K. sellers? Honestly don’t know maybe ask Knights or Nevada possibly.

AM then FM then U.K. FM
U Band 26965-27405 AM/FM + U.K. 40

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