CB FM Calling Frequency 27.235

More interesting news surrounding Frequency Modulation (FM) in the United States. Already some videos are being uploaded of tests via SDR and remember there are quite a few “hammy” radios from Ranger, President, Galaxy that have FM on them if you’ve someone near you or far that wants to makes some checks on FM. Add to this on Facebook a group has been formed called “CB FM Calling Frequency 24 27.235 FM“ So would seem a good group if your interested to keep up to date.

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  1. This has been a long time coming, and there will lots
    Out there will happy, but I bet they do not have half an the crap that we suffer every day was and all night, we used to go on after 2300 hours and them days, great ground wave contacts, strange how we are moving away from Uk40, as we find mid bands tend to be better, and to day very little contacts on the 555 I could, hear them but just to low to get a good contact, and the magnum 257 was ready, but not to day , and is this FM in the USA is it mid band FM, or a different Freq FM any way it’s time to pull the plug take care Simon, you never know we might one day have another contact.

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  2. Although FM is illegal on 27 MHz, 27.275 MHz has been accepted as the calling channel amongst enthusiasts here.


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