Delta Romeo DX Net “On Today”

Sadly there is some solar storm activity which maybe makes it harder to make the net from some areas of the world but don’t give up! This week the network has chairmen on the Clee Hills in Shropshire and also north Wales in the area of Llangollen. So take the time and take a listen, as before you’ll be surprised the amount of people calling in from all over.

Delta Romeo Dx Group Net,
Venues; 26 division Clee Hills and 163 division LLangollen
Frequency; 27.365MHz,
Mode; USB,
Time; 11.00-14.00, Although we may start early.
Our ears will be open for those mobiles, portables and stations further afield. As always , ALL GROUPS, ALL STATIONS, ALL NATIONS, are welcome to call into this net…..Thanks for looking, De David
26DR017 , Darryl 26DR070.

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