*NEW Handheld* QYT CB-58

Interesting what pops up now and then. This time we’ve a hand held that looks familiar in some ways, photo shop in others and odd even in other ways. Posting as is however Aliexpress promises to get it here before September 29th. Added what I can below and Hope you’ll like it. Prices from $120 till $170 excluding shipping, duties, taxes etc etc.

▲ 40 kanaals Multiband CB
(Bevat 40UK/40EU kanalen plus andere Europese en Noord-amerikaanse frequentie bands)
▲TFT LCD Display
▲ 8 optioneel Kanalen
▲Automatic Squelch functie
▲Squelch niveau verstelbare
▲Receive gain control aanpassing
▲Editable channel scan
▲Shortcut kanaal 9/19
▲NB/ANL wave filter
▲Audio hoge frequentie annulering
▲Keyboard Lock
Frequency Chart

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  1. Mine arrived today. Doesn’t cover UK 40, I’ve tried everything. It’s basically just USA coverage but with FM highest freq is 27.405mhz in any country setting. Save your money!


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