*Video* Modified Randy III Stand

News from Thorsten in Germany of a quite excellent idea! Thorsten has been in touch that DO6RBA has a most ingenious idea for the Randy III drop in charger / stand that allows you to use the radio via the stand with an external antenna. Quite simply an ingenious idea! The pricing, availability, time for making all are unknown at my location but you can surely find out by dropping an email to the HamRadio-shop.de where Ralf can tell you more.

As people will surely ask I’m not sure but I think Thorsten uses a 5/8 Grazzioli Antenna? But sure he will comment and let me know if I’m right or wrong.

Photo 1
Video showing this great idea
Photo 2
Photo 3

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    • With the car adapter that is included in the scope of delivery, it is the same so it is safe 👍 furthermore a shielded cable was used


  1. Hello, I’m currently using the Gain-Master 5/8 again, the Grazioli is clearly unique in terms of its workmanship, but it was too heavy for my mast 😔. The charging station of the Randy 3 was provided with an SMA socket, an adapter cable SMA to PL comes ready 👍 so the handheld radio can also be used sensibly at home as a small mobile station ❤️


    • Indeed it is a beast the Grazzioli and sure needs a good strong mast. It is a great invention this adapted charger base. Congratulations and thanks so much for sending me the details.


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