*Video* Norwich On AE-6290 & More

Thanks so much to Mr Ray BB65 and Mr Lee BB80 from Norwich for the first two contacts on the the AE-6290 from Albrecht. (Old Video now but been speaking to Ray over 20 years) It arrived and was open box, change band to U.K. / EU and screen color and heard them chatting. Not sure about the power meter as seems rather low to me, use Roger Bleep 6 and sounds all President which many will like. Audio is indeed strong like the AE6210 which is a super surprise. More looking and investigating to go but at the moment seems to working just fine.

Poor Quality video from me but was done in haste

Markus from Neunerfunk on his website although in German I’ll make a mess of his words but here goes. “The modulation is strong, clear and loud. Albrecht is currently clearly ahead of the game, even so called “Premium” manufacturers are still unable to their devices with reasonable FM modulation. Then adding this That’s just how it is when you do your “homework” as a manufacturer and communicate with dealers (I’ll add not just dealers!) The French and Italian should take an example!

And this is the fact! Latest Albrecht, latest Team Minicom VOX come with 20% louder audio and better firmware, better way it behaves and also kudos for the factory to be open to make changes many have asked for now many many years. Plus kudos to Rob P who was many times in contact with the factory for an audio modification for FM! Seems this was part of the change and he won’t get any credit at all but he had an input like others who sit in shadows.

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