Memorial 1AT001

As many are aware Aldo Russi 1AT1 passed away recently and this weekend a memorial event will take place from Saturday-Sunday where members in the event will be able to use the unit 001 at the end of there usual call. Below are the entry details to the event. Let’s hope the conditions will allow a good event with many hundreds in the various logs across the world. If you hear a special event give them a call..

More Info:

Memorial Prize 001 ALDO-2021

1) Dates and times
The 001 ALDO MEMORIAL prize will take place from 12:00 UTC on Saturday, 6 to 12:00 UTC on Sunday, November 7, 2021.

2) Participants
The goal of this Award is to remember our dear President and Founder Aldo Russi 1 AT001, deceased in February 2021.
All 11 meter operators are invited to join regardless of their Groups or Clubs. They will aim to connect as many Special Event Stations as possible (SES). Each of them can only be contacted once.
Participants are intended exclusively as Single Operators. They are not required to send any logs. All rankings will be determined by the logs received by SES.

3) SES active
Several Special Event Stations (SES) will be on the air from several countries, calling the special xx AT001. Each AT division with more than 50 members will activate 4 SES, according to the following method. For example, France: 14 AT001 / A (Alpha), 14 AT001 / L (Lima), 14 AT001 / D (Delta), 14 AT001 / O (Oscar), to compose the word ′′ ALDO “.
Divisions under 50 members will activate just one SES. For example, from Switzerland: 15 AT001.
Each SES can be composed of several operators, all members of GRI Alfa Tango. Each SES team should request their indicative through the National Coordinator / Director if present. Otherwise they can contact

At the end of the activation, they will send their logs following the instructions provided by the organizing team. Paper logs are not allowed and dedicated software will be regained.

4) Scores
• 100 points for each SES xxAT001 connected.
• 25 points for each SES with suffix xxAT001 / A, xxAT001 / L, xxAT001 / D and xxAT001 / O operating in countries defined in rule n. 3).
• Each country worked will give a multiple.
• Completing the word ALDO with the 4 SES of the same country will give a multiplier.

For example, working:
4 SES xxAT001 from 4 different countries: 4 x 100 = 400 points (and 4 different multipliers)
2 SES with L and O suffix in the same country: 2 x 25 = 50 points (and 1 multiplication)
4 SES with suffix A, L, D and O in the same country: 4 x 25 = 100 points (and 2 multiplier)
The final score will be calculated as: 400 + 50 + 100 = 550 points that will be multiplied by the 7 Multipliers obtained totalling a final score of 3850 points.

5) Prizes
The first three classified participants will be awarded.
Each participant will be able to download a personalized digital prize from, made by 1 AT074 Max.

6) QSL
A QSL flag will be available for each SES.

7) Additional clarifications
• Contacts between SES are not valid. Each individual member of an SES can contact other SES, but only with their personal call sign.
• The portion of the frequency between. 500 and. 600 must be left free Calls on. 555 are admitted but must be dropped immediately. Please don’t abuse calls. 555.
• Activity must be carried out exclusively in SSB.
• This regulation may undergo changes, additions, etc., if necessary by the organizing team.

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