Delta Romeo 27.365USB Today

Conditions are pretty good at the moment so no better time to join the Delta Romeo DX Net today on 27.365 USB. I’ll admit from my area of Europe it’s a struggle but always worth a listen as you never know! The hobby is about fun and not knowing what can be. So good luck and give David and Darryl a call. The more the merrier for this premier league network.

07/11/2021; Delta Romeo Dx Group Net,
Frequency; 27.365MHz,
Mode; USB,
Time; 11.00-14.00 GMT/UTC Although this may vary due to both weather and Skip conditions…..
Last Sunday 31/10/2021 was as busy as I can recall it when it comes to dxcc;s and variety of where the skip was rolling, we had over 80 ITL 35 of these coming from the Eastern Seaboard and Midwest alone on LSB on the net frequency.
Please come join us and we will do out best to get you through to the international stations if/when they drop on us….
As always ALL GROUPS, ALL STATIONS, ALL NATIONS are welcome to call into this net….. Thanks for looking de David 26DR017 Darryl 26DR070.

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