*Price* President Thomas FCC AM/FM

Had a few mails and personal messages about the first legal AM/FM radio for the United States and now price and delivery dates are known. So, availability will be in the “dealer network” January 2022 and the cost excluding any shipping, duties and taxes (if applicable) will be $109 which seems fair when you look at the also released AM only New Cobra 19 Mini at a touch under $80. While some readers have told me “The President isn’t new” sure it looks like something else but remember it’s FCC approved and not just a simple rehash of a European radio. For those outside USA I’ve heard only you’ll be able to pick up a Thomas. Watch this space and we will report more in the New Year.

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  1. I also heard Cobra will also be coming out with an 11M AM/FM only CB for use in the US since Cobra no longer makes radios with sideband.
    I was also reading that Midland who has been making CB radios since forever is phasing out of CB and going to GMRS radios. I really don’t think it it will catch on. A few years back I was using a GMRS handheld. It was rated for a 30 mile range. I had both units on a high power channel and the coverage sucked. I am talking about driving on interstate highways with a great line of sight. I did some mile marker checks and on a straight road 4 miles was about the best I could get. Besides that who wants to plunk down $70 to the FCC for a 10 year license.


    • Yep heard the same story about Cobra with an AMFM radio. Midland I’ve only heard about new radios for GMRS also and maybe President will again come with more and more radios (dealer in Illinois told me) Thanks for the news and myself am excited to see a new Cobra AMFM as will be made by Qixiang I suppose so could maybe be interesting

      Happy Christmas 🎅


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