*Inside Story* AT5555 +

It’s December and so Christmas 🎄 month so start with something interesting. So this time we take a look under the hood of the 5555+ from Anytone. This board will be the base of many radios I guess as the factory smartly turns into a board for AM/FM and another board for SSB based radios. As always a disclaimer that photos below were taken in July so many a thing will and could have changed since these were taken! Always remember this.

Makes a step towards smaller radios with SSB possible. A discussion point for almost 10 years.

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  1. The TAFT group can’t get behind these new Anytones. They keep making the same old radios.
    Now they are making them without adjustments so we can’t change anything!
    I can’t see anyone wanting an Anytone if it’s going to be like that.
    We need to support guys like Rutherford and “TinkTron” on Youtube.
    Rutherford already built his own radio. He showed it to us on a live stream he did a long time ago.
    I am surprised you didn’t report on that. It looked like a Bearcat but he created a whole new main board for it
    Simon, we have people in our own community that can do this. We need to encourage them.
    The hams do it. We can do it too! People like Fine Tune are the reason we can’t have nice things.


    • Hi Mike. The only one I knew was a Bearcat “channel king” think it was called. ABSOLUTELY if you have a link or any news of the Rutherford or other details kindly let me know and I’ll add it asap.
      Anytone victim of success. Everyone wants it but wants it cheap so guess one board ALL ssb and one ALL AM/FM makes life easier. But I’ll show all you can let me know.


  2. Average user is not prepared to pay the higher price for added PBT and IF Shift. So it is simple economics.


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