*VIDEO* PNI 7120 Askari Loop Antenna

After yesterday I guess more pissed people will write. It’s on the blog as many outside Austria I guess are interested. The original referrer was from Scotland and this time the referrer is different, and from Germany. It’s shown here as it’s something people are experimenting with. I’m not making any statement other than some make amplifiers, some make antennas and some experiment with home brew kit. All have a voice and deserve a space here on the blog. So they’ll be heard and of course they are permitted to respond if they want too. Another repeater Video today from Vienna in Austria. What makes this one interesting is the radio is powered by AA batteries and the antenna used is a Magnetic loop antenna. All I can say is what a superb idea the antenna is and I’m delighted to share the video of it working and a link to the article (German) about the antenna. About the antenna it looks excellent but voodoo for me! Could not make it for toffee.

Link: https://tinyurl.com/ycv4sb2h

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  1. Magnetic loop antennas are no voodoo. Principle is known for decades.
    – small size, for CB around 50 cm diameter.
    – high efficiency
    – good swr only on a few channels, small bandwidth
    – not omnidirectional, but diagram like 8 with sharp nulling

    Good compromise when there is no chance for a half wave on the roof.


  2. Magnetic Loop Antenna’s (MLA) are great. Directional and way less human made noise. Also sharp in selectivity. Nice post!


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