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Many have asked me about the programming software for the CB-58 from QYT. Well I can say I’ve asked about it, also asked about the ability of the radio for programming. Software never arrived as promised and the availability of U.K. CB 40 (27.601 ~ 27.991) that’s even more grey. The official word is it’s on there but from eBay sellers they tell me the radio can only make 26965-27405 but we’ve also seen it programmed in Japan for 10 meters (just 40 channels) Below I was sent a screenshot of the software band usb cable needed to program it. Authenticity of the software I’m told it’s right, but can tell one or another as never seen it.

Confirmed now from China. Frequencies cannot be programmed but it’s included for show!

Screenshot A. Not sure how real it is
Screenshot B. Looks very Qixiang style of software
USB Cable

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  1. I currently have a Cherokee AH-100 that could be used on 10M SSB if I modified it. I like FM, and am currently using an Azden AZ-11 that I bought new in 1996! There are currently no replacements available but the CB-58 looks like it would be nice for 10M FM especially with the high capacity battery pack it comes with.


  2. Software for CB-58 –> QB-100 version 1

    http:/ /aj.bailidaming.com/upexcel/soft/CB-58select.rar?spm=a2g0s.imconversation.0.0.15fa3e5f1TGahP&file=upexcel\soft\CB-58select.rar


  3. With the current delivery, the devices always come in 40 channel mode.
    In DE mode (80 channels from 26,515 to 27,405 MHz can be set) it has 80 channels.
    With the current software only these frequencies are possible.
    It cannot be switched to amateur mode (28,000 Mhz -30,000 Mhz) with it.
    The HF mode (25.065 to 30.105 Mhz) is also not possible.

    If you can live with the errors described below, it is a good device.
    I don’t know whether a firmware update is possible.

    With a little hacking knowledge you can use the device on all frequencies from 25,065 to 30,105 MHz.
    UK mode from 27.66125 Mhz to 27.99125 Mhz is also possible.
    Frequency is only shown on the display, however, at 27.991 MHz.

    I’ve tried everything myself …..

    So we wait for the activation software or the information on how
    you can unlock it.



    • Did ask before Christmas and was told nothing expected. It remains 40 channels. You can buy from factory only a specific “40 channel” version other than 26965-27405 but only from them directly.


  4. Just for info
    The device transmits perfectly on the upper UK frequencies
    from 27.60125 to 27.99125 Mhz (also in the correct grid).
    Sending and receiving is also possible in HF mode from 25.165 to 30.105 Mhz.
    Works perfectly with AM and FM (tried with another device)

    With the original software QB 100 V 1.5 (only works in CB mode) you can only do this with special tools and editors.
    The O software is still missing so that the device can be fully activated in HF or Amateurmodus..
    Maybe there is also a keyboard shortcut or a solder point on the board.

    Here are a few more bugs in the firmware that I discovered …..

    1. Functionless AM / FM button

    The modulation is only switched using the AM / FM button in the EU grid (the AM / FM button does not work in other grids)
    However, when programming channels from a computer, it is possible to select a preset modulation for each channel individually.
    If you then select a channel, the modulation switches automatically (according to the programmed settings of each channel).

    2. EMG button only works in EU mode

    The EMG button (quick access to emergency channels) only works in the EU setting-correct.
    In all other grids, the frequency of the selected channel is not updated when you use this button.
    The channels themselves are switched and the frequency display (MHz) freezes in one position)))
    To change this, you have to call up the selection menu and select any menu again.

    3. Forgotten country norm when switching off.

    The radio does NOT remember which country mode has been selected. After switching off / on, the radio station always starts in EU mode

    4. Display brightness cannot be adjusted

    The brightness of the display cannot be adjusted. There are three brightness levels in the soft, but the device doesn’t care what it says there (always only the same brightness level)
    On the device itself there is not even such a menu item in the menu.

    5. Somewhat quiet modulation with FM
    Easy to fix. There is a special trimmer resistor on the board (you have to turn it clockwise slightly)

    6. The modulation is limited at high AF frequencies.

    7. Too loud start-up welcome melody (cannot be changed !!!)
    All sounds are routed to the last audio amplifier via the volume control.
    Regardless of the position of the volume control – all beeps and melodies are always at maximum volume.
    Given how loud and powerful the speaker is, it’s really annoying … Asians probably love loud beeps)))
    That has to be changed.

    Merry Christmas everyone …



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