*NEWS* Albrecht AE-6290 ‘Unlock’

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Enhanced Power all the way! We are back to address the unlock of this recently released model from Albrecht. Massive Kudos to Markus R whose kindly mailed me with something I’d never done! For me I soldered a wire across a hole very much akin to the Richard and this way I found 24-30 MHz and other features such as 5c step etc etc. Markus however solder jumped two places in the “exact same way as Team TS-11vi” This morning I’ve tested all ideas and below have my outcome.

Solder the Top Points Across OP1 = Export Mode OR if you solder the bottom of the two points OP2 = 12-10m mode and if you solder ALL points then it’s enhanced mode EU with higher power option in the menu

BUT if you solder a wire between the two points above where a white wire is on the board, right hand side = Export, solder only the left and it’s 10m mode and solder close both the wire points = Enhanced EU

Continued Happy Festive Season One & All

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