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Check out the excellent video below from Mr Dundee I’m absolutely sure you are going to love it so I’m not going to spoil it in anyway. It’s added here a little later than expected due to holiday season and not being all the time behind the keyboard. Hope you’ll enjoy it!. Under each video are the words directly from the maker of the video.

This clip expresses how important communication is as, with the CiBi which, let us remember, is free to use, whether between people, in associations, or in companies that crisscross all the roads of France in convoys, and, well safe, in the field (fixed) for assistance or at your home so as not to be left alone in a world where everything is going too fast!

In other words: do not wait for others … go ahead and take the microphone! This is what emerges from this new video clip.

So all together with: ‘La Planète Cibi Francophone’ and the ‘Kilo Mike group’ around the associations and members who have joined ‘ERCI France’.

73’51 from Dundee33 ~ 14KM3301 ~ ‘La Planète Cibi Francophone’ & the
All equal in front of a microphone with ‘The Francophone Cibi Planet’ (La Planète Cibi Francophone).
If you enjoyed the previous clip of 2018: ‘Stay connected on the CB with ‘The francophone cibi planet

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