All We See Is “Radio No Show”

Odd start to the New Year in 2022. Normally we see a new President show cased as traditional as Mulled wine but nothing came. The new world order for radio is here now with increased prices, chip shortages, same looking radios which are quoting Jeremy Clarkson “As exciting as a shark in a funny hat” BUT all maybe not lost as below here are some notices that users have sent, dealers have leaked and other stuff here for tests!

President: Across the pond comes the Thomas FCC. In Europe we maybe will see the Harrison II and George II but who knows now with the chip situation. They are always busy and always quiet. We must wait and see. Joe R in USA told me he’d spoke to someone and a new Madison comes! I don’t believe a new base will come but Joe told wait and see!!

K-PO: DX5000 Plus is near and the first with NRC for an SSB radio! Awaiting to see this as could be exciting

CRT: Lots of leaks and news about new radios. Some 3 maybe 4 in total. It was thought to be in November but we are still waiting more news. Guess more news in January as new radios will land via ship from China. Not a slow boat but a fast one!

Nanfone: Soon on the blog a prototype small AM/FM radio with Nanfone NRC (Noise Reduction Circuit) it’s hot off the FedEx from China and on here in the next days

PNI Romania: A big Importer of all sorts of radios and goodies. MP3 CB is confirmed and must come to market shortly. Other than this they have PMR, VHF, UHF and more. Now it’s a matter of wait and see.

Cobra Electronics: So many rumors of there return and indeed already 1 radio has arrived and seems according to writers to the blog from the USA an AM/FM radio is or will be confirmed maybe under the new FCC rules.

Team Electronics: No new news. But sure something is in the pipe just need to wait.

Albrecht Germany: Brought two real good radios at the end of 2021 with the 6120 and 6290 (now updated) They’ve turned a corner and now bring interesting radios and good functions.

2022 could be interesting on so many levels. I think the best way is prepare for nothing to happen and get excited when it does happen. The year is a long one ahead so the best way to prepare is not too! Then when and of something comes it’s a celebration 😀

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  1. I’ve heard rumors that in 2022 a Trump radio will appear on the market waterproof, fireproof, pressure-tight


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